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Jade Nursing Pillow - Eloise & Lolo
Jade Nursing Pillow - Eloise & Lolo
Jade Nursing Pillow - Eloise & Lolo
Jade Nursing Pillow - Eloise & Lolo

Jade Nursing Pillow

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$99.99 USD
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$99.99 USD

A Revolutionary New Nursing Pillow is HERE!
This amazing nursing pillow actually supports your baby in the right position, during each entire breastfeeding session. 
Other pillows fall flat and don't offer contoured support. Lifting babies with a single height pillow is very limiting and can put moms in uncomfortable positions for long periods of time. 
Ever loose your baby's latch because your nursing pillow didn't support? Or because your arms were exhausted from holding the baby to your breast? 
This uniquely layered pillow easily adjusts to comfortably lift baby to the breast with three elevation levels (on each side), and opens up more nursing-hold options to mom. 
A baby eats every 2-3 hours, so do yourself a favor and get the best nursing pillow for the job. Plus, this pillow is great for babies with acid reflux or GERD.
Works beautifully for bottle feeding too. Enjoy more snuggle time and/or skin to skin with your baby during bottle feeding time, because baby will be fully supported on a soft, cozy pillow.
  • Adjustable height
  • More comfortable breastfeeding experience!
  • Great for bottle feeding too!
  • Fits babies newborn to walking
  • Works with more breastfeeding positions
  • Better support
  • Folds for easy carrying
  • Washable

It's also easy to carry on the go with a ribbon-tie closure. Just fold both sides together, tie, and go!

Please allow 10-20 business days for delivery